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PROtect LLC is seeking an API Inspector - Mechanical Integrity for US positions, requiring expertise in multiple NDT methods and intermediate mechanical knowledge. The role involves conducting non-destructive testing on vessels, piping, and tanks.


Posted 42 day ago

Position Summary:

PROtect LLC, a leading national provider of Safety, Reliability, and Compliance Services, is currently recruiting an API Inspector - Mechanical Integrity for positions located in the United States. As an API Inspector, you will play a crucial role in conducting Mechanical Integrity inspections on vessels, piping, and tanks. 


  • Conduct non-destructive (NDT) testing of components and materials in accordance with applicable codes, standards, specifications, and procedures.
  • Utilise various NDT methods, including API 510/570/653, magnetic particle, liquid penetrant, ultrasonic, leak testing, and visual inspections.


  • Expertise in multiple NDT methods with a willingness to engage in ongoing learning and skill application.
  • Intermediate mechanical knowledge and aptitude.

About Company:

PROtect LLC stands as a premier national provider of Safety, Reliability, and Compliance Services, offering a comprehensive suite of solutions to safeguard businesses from potential risks. Their diverse range of services includes both Advanced and Conventional Non-Destructive Testing (NDT), Engineering Support, Environmental Compliance, General Safety, Industrial Hygiene (IH), Infrared Thermography (IR), Leak Detection and Repair (LDAR), Mechanical Integrity (MI), Pipeline Integrity (PLI), Proprietary Software, Rope Access, and Training."

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