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Petrochemical & Refining Congress: Europe 2024

Welcome to the PETROCHEMICAL & REFINING CONGRESS: EUROPE 2024 – where the industry's pivotal themes, "decarbonization" and "defossilization," shape the conversation in tangible ways.

In the face of the Energy Trilemma, the major players in the sector are grappling with the ever-increasing demand for cleaner, greener, and more sustainable products. The energy transition has gone from an abstract concept to a vital concern, a topic that continues to hold the spotlight. Everyone is asking, "How do we reduce EU emissions by at least 55% by 2030?" Each company, each individual is pondering what steps they've already taken and what more can be done.

For the 8th time, the Downstream industry is coming together at PRC Europe, not just to discuss grand strategies but to get down to the nitty-gritty of how to Lead Downstream Transformation. It's a congregation of the folks who keep the gears of this industry turning – the representatives of oil companies, EPC contractors, the backbone of refineries and petrochemical plants, the innovators of chemical companies, the architects who license the future, the service providers who ensure nothing misses a beat, and the creators of the tools and technology that take us further.

The spotlight is on industry decarbonization, carbon capture, the potential of hydrogen, crafting alternative fuels, giving our existing assets a new lease on life, and more. It's about real people facing real challenges, and together, seeking genuine solutions. Join us, and let's build the future we all want to see.

About BGS Group

BGS Group is a team of professionals with solid experience in the organization of business events in the energy, healthcare, and pharmaceutical sectors worldwide.

Every goal is a challenge. Big or small, easy or hard. No matter how much work has been done or how many people were involved, if your goal is not achieved, everything is in vain. At BGS we care about every goal of our guests and are personally committed to its fulfillment. Humdrum work and empty ambitions do not affect the world, but the entire world moves when goals are pursued with diligence and vigor.

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