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Gulf Steel Show 2024

“The Gulf Steel Show is an industry lead gathering of steel experts that attracts thousands of visitors to the UAE each year. The expo covers vital and pressing challenges and offers alternate solutions from global steel and related solutions and service providers.

The Gulf Steel Show is expected to attract roughly 100+ exhibitors. High-potential manufacturers will offer services in all elements of steel manufacturing, Pipe production, and protection engineering, and Inspection services as well as seeking solutions to the different challenges that materials engineers face.

Furthermore, prominent international companies, scientists, and professionals will participate in various features of the program, including technical conferences and exhibitions, as well as sponsorship opportunities, to complement the overall objectives of the program.

The Gulf Steel Show is fertile ground for sound exchange of networking opportunities and it has offered participants multiple alternatives of solutions via interactive presentations, technical performances, and one-to-one conversation and conversion platform.”

About Gulf Steel Show

The Objective of the Gulf Steel Show is to create a forum for facilitating the exchange of practical experiences in all different aspects of Steel production and protection engineering in addition to seeking solutions to the various challenges that material engineers face. Gulf Steel Show is looking forward to your continuous support and active contribution in sharing knowledge and building relationships within the local and international infrastructure developer, Oil and Gas Companies, IOC, technology, and service providers of the Steel communities.

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