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Asset Integrity and Reliability Show Middle East 2024

Asset Integrity & Reliability Show Middle East 2024 is the region's top event (CPD-accredited), prioritizing the asset integrity, reliability, maintenance, and process safety agenda for oil and gas conglomerates. Hosted under the patronage of the Ministry of Energy and Minerals (Oman), 200+ senior executives will tackle key challenges to benchmark strategies, enhance decarbonization plans, and boost profits.

In 2024, key focus areas are:

  • AIPSM journey towards “Goal Zero”
  • Integrity Operating Window
  • Inspection, NDT & NDE, Corrosion Control
  • Electrical renewable hybrid technology
  • Reliability improvements for new offshore pump projects
  • Applying blockchain technology to process safety management
  • Condition monitoring, continuous condition monitoring, or predictive maintenance?

Visit to get involved to explore how you can participate.

About Oil & Gas Live

Oil and Gas Live stands as a dynamic digital powerhouse, strategically positioned to catalyze transformative innovation within the oil and gas sector across the expansive EMEA region.

Our mission is to serve as the conduit through which industry-leading organizations navigate the ever-evolving landscape of the oil and gas domain. We offer a platform where innovation becomes the compass, guiding businesses toward redefining industry standards and achieving unprecedented success.

At Oil and Gas Live, we recognize that in today's rapidly changing world, staying ahead means setting benchmarks and seizing opportunities for evolution. Our role is to facilitate this journey, connecting like-minded pioneers who share a vision of reshaping the energy sector for the better.

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