Published on 01-Nov-2023

6 reasons why PRÜFTECHNIK laser alignment systems are No. 1

6 reasons why PRÜFTECHNIK laser alignment systems are No. 1

Laser shaft alignment is the most efficient way to align machine shafts. Using an Adaptive Alignment system from Prüftechnik instead of conventional tools increases machine availability, prolongs service life and maintenance intervals, and lowers power consumption. In short, it saves you considerable time and money. Here’s how.


With Prüftechnik single-laser technology, setting up one laser beam to hit the opposite sensor is much quicker than setting up two. Plus, you won’t get stuck with unnecessary pre-alignments and time-consuming re-work.


Single-laser systems provide high-precision and high-quality measurement results independently of asset type or configuration. Measurement results are consistent and repeatable, which means that the data can be easily verified for accuracy.


The exclusive Active Situational Intelligence software enables Prüftechnik systems to offer real-time corrective feedback and step-by-step measurement guidance, benefitting less-experienced users.


You can align all types of machines, including the more complicated ones such as Cardan shafts, that basic laser alignment systems can’t.


Cloud data transfer capabilities give your technicians the ability to communicate with fellow team members and off-site experts.


The signature feature of Pruftechnik Adaptive Alignment systems is their ability to adapt to any situation, asset, and user skill level. 

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