Published on 12-May-2020

Why is X ray or Radiography testing RT done in industries?

Why is X ray or Radiography testing RT done in industries?

The metallic or non-metallic components manufactured in industries are possibly having various inherent defects few of which are mentioned below:

Casting Defects:– Blow holes, Shrinkage, Porosity, Pipes, Inclusions, Cold shut, Mis-run, Hot tears, segregation. To know more in detail about the causes and types of defects click  .

Welding Defects:– Undercut, Under fill, Lack of fusion , Lack of Penetration, Excess Penetration, Root Concavity of Suck back, Slag Inclusion, Improper weld bead, Overlap, Crater Pipe, Crater Cracks, HAZ Cracks, Weld Longitudinal or transverse crack, Spatters, Arc Strikes and much more. To know more about the causes & identification of defects click

These defects have to be identified in the initial stages to avoid major loss to the company, by avoiding processing cost losses. So X ray or Radiography Testing done in industries.

The discontinuities inside the components ( Castings, Forgings, extrusions and  Weld Joints) can be identified and visually captured using Radiographic Inspection or X ray Inspection techniques.

What is X Ray or Gamma  Radiography  Testing?

Radiography is the technique of graphing an image using Radiations, the electromagnetic radiations are used for these purposes.

What is electromagnetic Radiation?

Electromagnetic radiations are radiations carrying both electric & magnetic field with it; both fields in perpendicular direction to each other. Examples of these radiations are Heat radiation, Light Radiation, etc., only difference between them and X ray is their wavelength or frequency.

X ray or Gamma Radiation has higher frequency than visible light or heat radiation.

These high frequency radiations can penetrate through matters and also can form image on photosensitive films and electronic sensors, thus formed images are viewed to find out internal defects.

What is difference between X Ray and Gamma Ray ?

X rays and Gamma Ray differs by their source of emitter.

X rays are electromagnetic radiation emitted form an Electric device called X ray tube head, and it can be ON/OFF using switches, even their intensities are controlled by Voltage and current regulators.

Gamma Ƴ-Rays  are electromagnetic radiations emitted for radio-decaying isotopes , it cannot be ON/OFF , instead it can be only concealed in an enclosure, its energy or intensity is constant and depends upon the decaying source strength, only the time of radiation exposure can be controlled by bringing the source out of enclosure.

What is Isotopes?

Isotopes are elements having same atomic number but different mass number, for simple explanation read below:

An element is always determined by it atomic number, i.e. number of protons inside its atom (example: Carbon has 6 Protons, Oxygen has 8 protons), but the number of neutrons inside the atom can vary, thus the atoms having different number of neutrons are said to have different mass number and are called isotopes of that element.

What are Radio Active Isotopes?

The Elements having Equal number of protons and neutrons inside its atom is stable. But when the equation varies to an extent the atom become unstable and starts emitting energy in form of radiation to make the number of protons and neutrons equally stable inside the nucleus, these isotopes are called as Radio Active Isotopes.

What is Photo Sensitive Film ?

Photo Sensitive films are films manufactured to be reactive to electromagnetic radiations such as light, heat and x ray or gamma radiation.

They consist of Silver Halides such as Silver Bromides which chemically reacts when touches light or radiation, thus it captures data’s in form of reacted salts, It forms actual image when it undergoes processing called developing.

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