Published on 10-Dec-2020

Ultrasonic inspections are finally available for gas pipelines

Ultrasonic inspections are finally available for gas pipelines

Halfwave’s Acoustic Resonance Technology is a highly accurate tool for assessing corrosion, and deformations in gas pipelines while providing a direct wall-thickness measurement. Our patented ART ScanTM sets a new standard for pipeline integrity management. Each inspection is tailored to our customers pipeline needs, ensuring an accurate, safe and cost-efficient solution that operators can leverage to enhance their integrity management program. 

The Challenge

Many older oil and gas assets are producing hydrocarbons, far beyond their original expected life span. In modern day field developments, smaller pipe diameter and more complex pipeline placement are increasingly common due to water pressures at depth and crowded production infrastructure. In addition, pipeline features such as complex bends, tie-ins, very small or varying pipeline diameter, old or long pipelines, or where there are flow or access restrictions, all create challenges for existing testing techniques. While there are several testing techniques available, no one technique can overcome these challenges sufficiently to offer a complete solution.

Using Acoustic Resonance Technology (ART) Halfwave has innovated a nondestructive testing method that far exceeds existing in-line inspection (ILI) tools in its ability to cost effectively inspect pipeline integrity inclusive of multiple site and pipeline features.

 The Solution, Acoustic Resonance Technology (ART)

ART is a low frequency, ultra-wideband acoustic measurement technology which can generate highly accurate pipeline wall thickness data. It is the only direct measurement technology available for oil and gas pipelines. The direct nature of the ART inspection technique is a significant improvement to previous detection, classification, and sizing of shallow internal wall-loss, mid-wall and external defects as a result of corrosion, cracks, and deformation. With this data, pipeline operators have all the information they need to take the right corrective action for their asset.

The key benefits of ART in-line inspection are:

- Reduces time and cost of inspection

- Reduces money spent on unnecessary maintenance and wasted digs

- Improves pipeline integrity management over existing techniques

- Provides direct wall-thickness measurement for heavy walled pipelines

- Detects corrosion, metal loss, and deformation

- Provides highly accurate sizing of metal loss

- Accurately inspects through deposits and rough surfaces

- Delivers highly repeatable inspection results 

- Does not require a liquid couplant

About ART Scan™ 

ART Scan™ is Halfwave’s patented ultra-wideband in-line inspection tool which provides the highest wall thickness detection and accuracy specification for pipelines.  This technology provides industry-leading measurement data and helps operators improve on-site safety, reduce investigation, and decrease maintenance costs, all by enhancing pipeline integrity management.

In addition to the typical benefits associated with using ART for in-line inspection, Halfwave’s ART Scan™ also offers:

- All inspection measurements - WT mapping, geometry and IMU - collected on a single tool run

- Highly accurate sizing of metal loss with a detection threshold of 0.5 mm and a depth sizing accuracy of ±0.25 mm

- The ability to operate in both gas lines and liquid lines with minimal preparation time

- The ability to inspect thick wall gas pipelines (up to 75mm) at high speeds (up to 3m/s), including through bends, with no loss of accuracy

- Multi-diameter (for example 16" – 26" and 28" – 42") and bidirectional capabilities

- Pressure rated up to 250 bar

- 1 ,300 km run battery and storage capability

ART Scan™ has been rigorously tested and qualified to successfully run in the most challenging conditions. Major operators have played an active role during the development of ART for the inspection of gas pipelines and have contributed to the continuous technological innovation.

We worked with our clients to customize and build a unique solution that meets their pipeline needs. Want to discuss the specifics of your requirements?

Get in touch here. For more information please see our case studies.

NDT Global, Inspection Intelligence

NDT Global's Evo Series technology offers an improved robot performance with enhanced speed, resolution, and reliability. Their fleet offers inspection velocities up to 9 mph (4 m/s) [P1] with a versatility that helps operators avoid reducing flow rates for inline inspection runs.  Regardless the application, Evo Series 1.0 offers the highest axial resolution available to the market.

Ultrasonic Crack Inspection – detects crack-like features in challenging-to-detect pipelines and next-generation crack detection enhancements can serve as a replacement to hydrostatic testing

Ultrasonic Corrosion and Metal Loss Inspection – detects and sizes metal loss, corrosion, and gouging anomalies that reduce pipe wall thickness

Ultrasonic Geometry Inspection – provides direct wall-thickness measurement with the highest circumferential resolution on the market to accurately detect and size deformations in your pipeline

Integrity Services Assessments – meticulously analyzes metal loss, crack, and deformation data procured from ILI runs so operators can leverage insight into the current and future conditions of their pipelines and make effective decisions that help reduce costs 

Source: Pipeline inspections - Halfwave 

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