Published on 27-Jan-2023

Carrier II Comparison to Water Baths Effect on Mag Particle Wet Bench Lifespan [Case Study]

Carrier II Comparison to Water Baths Effect on Mag Particle Wet Bench Lifespan [Case Study]

Magnetic Particle Inspection benches are built to last. It is not uncommon to see equipment that is over 50 years old and still in use today. The longevity of the equipment is undoubtedly a combination of the durable craftsmanship put into manufacturing the unit and the many years of upkeep and maintenance by the NDT technicians. When it comes to Maganflux equipment, the team in DeWitt, Iowa, that builds these machines takes great pride in their work and does not compromise when it comes to quality. Maganflux chemical materials are designed and manufactured to help optimize the inspection process, and the chemical properties such as corrosion resistance ensure that equipment investments survive demanding and harsh environments.

Corrosion Protection

Just like routine oil changes in your car help keep your engine humming, Carrier II does an excellent job of keeping the MPI unit functioning at its’ top possible output. Carrier II protects the bench from corroding, protecting the equipment investment, and reducing maintenance and downtime. The below example is a unit from 2005 filled with a water bath.  

This result is typical in all units that are using water in the bath to save some upfront costs. Corrosion begins immediately when a unit is subject to sitting water and can force damage components and dissolved and investment in the new equipment relatively quickly.

The comparison of a unit from 2005 is shocking but understandable because the Carrier II protects your equipment rather than corroding it due to being an NDT-approved fluid that is tested and verified to safe-guard equipment parts. Switching to a carrier oil that provides corrosion protection can double the lifetime of your equipment. Check out more of the photos below to view the damage of corrosion on MPI benches.