Use of Solvent Based Developer for 3D Scanning

By: Publisher Team | Nov 05, 2020 14:33 PM
Use of Solvent Based Developer for 3D Scanning


A 3D scanner distributor based in Finland approached the Magnaflux technical support team in the United Kingdom office. The customer found Magnaflux by searching for a light white matte spray coating to aid 3D scanning. Shiny or dark objects do not scan well; a matte white finish scans much better. 


Previously the customer had purchased coatings and whitening sprays from a different supplier. However, logistics and sourcing challenges for their location in Finland made it impossible for their existing solution to be available. 

Because of this, they needed an alternative product that exhibited the following characteristics: 

  • Simple method of application (aerosol) 
  • Even matte coating 
  • Fast drying 
  • Easy to remove 


Spotcheck SKD-S2 is a fast-drying, solvent-based developer that is used for enhancing indications during dye penetrant inspection. The product works by leaving a thin matte white film of inorganic pigments on the component being inspected. The process helps to draw the penetrant back out of any surface-breaking defects and spreads it out on the surface so that an inspector can easily see it. After inspection, SKD-S2 is easily removed by wiping with a cloth or by washing with water and detergent. 

Even though SKD-S2 is designed for penetrant inspections, the Magnaflux team was aware SKD-S2 could be used as a matting spray, particularly with 3D photography and imaging, and suggested this as a potential alternative. SKD-S2 is the most popular NDT penetrant in the world; because of its widespread use, the customer no longer had to worry about sourcing problems because Magnaflux supplies this product globally.  


Our customer obtained an aerosol can of SKD-S2 from one of our distributors in Finland for trial purposes. The results obtained were excellent. 

As a result, they now supply SKD-S2 as an accessory to their clients as an agent to assist with scanning. Without the SKD-S2, the quality of the scanned images may be low. 

To see more pictures of our customer’s 3D scanning work, visit their Pinterest page

To watch a video of Spotcheck SKD-S2 in action, click here for YouTube

“I have been very happy with using SKD-S2 with my 3D scans. This is best product of this type that I have used. The feedback from my clients who are using the SKD-S2 is also very positive.” 

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