The Global Nondestructive Testing Expo 2021

By: Publisher Team | Feb 22, 2021 10:35 AM
The Global Nondestructive Testing Expo 2021

The GNDT Expo 2021 FREE TO ATTEND Virtual Event has been organised to connect people within the industry in order to promote the best technologies of NDT on a global scale. 

This Virtual expo is the future of engaging content interaction that allows a limitless number of potential clients to visit your business.

Why should I visit? 

​The last NDT Expo Emerald organised was a huge success with more than 50 nations taking part over 3 days.  The potential for 3D Tech to be part of a hybrid strategy for the future and to have a 24/7 accessible 3D environments to engage people with your products and services is truly the direction the modern customer is heading. We understand a face to face will never be fully replaced but a virtual world can be an amazing user tool until your next meeting.