ElcoMaster® Software Application - Professional Inspection Reports in Seconds

By: Publisher Team | Apr 02, 2020 18:25 PM
ElcoMaster® Software Application - Professional Inspection Reports in Seconds

Elcometer’s free software application ElcoMaster, allows you to produce comprehensive inspection reports in minutes, wherever you are.

Download ElcoMaster® for FREE from our website: https://www.elcometer.com/elcomaster

Whether you are working at your desk, or inspecting out on site with your mobile phone, ElcoMaster links directly to Elcometer gauges via USB or Bluetooth, so you can instantly produce professional reports, offering full traceability of the inspection proving compliance to the relevant standard being followed.

ElcoMaster is not only very easy to use, it is also extremely powerful – allowing you to create standard reports from built-in templates.

Or create your own customised reports, combining a whole range of measurement data; from surface cleanliness to climate conditions, material or coating thickness to surface profile, adhesion to gloss measurements - all into one inspection project.

Your data is also secure. You can store it on your own FTP server, or to a Dropbox or cloud account, where you can access it on any PC, or Apple or Android mobile device, anywhere in the world.

Our free software application, ElcoMaster® is the most flexible data management software on the market.

Designed to meet the demanding needs of the quality inspector whilst offering the ultimate flexibility for managing data into ‘projects’ for ease of use.

For more information on the ElcoMaster® Data Management Software, please contact Elcometer at sales@elcometer.com or visit our website: http://www.elcometer.com/en/coating-i...