Nexxis Expansion Brings Tech 4.0 To The Global Audience

By: Publisher Team | Sep 01, 2020 10:00 AM
Nexxis Expansion Brings Tech 4.0 To The Global Audience

Autonomous and semi-autonomous robotic solutions offer incredible advantages to a variety of industries, such as the oil &gas, mining and nuclear sectors. Yet the speed at which technology is advancing brings its own challenge, and that’s the ability to custom-build an equipment portfolio that can flex alongside business needs.

This is where market-leading rental, lease and sales supplier, Nexxis, provides its clients with a very real advantage - that of the solutions-based model. The company boasts an exclusive approach to the provision of equipment, whereby the delivery of rental and leased apparatus is adapted to specific needs. This, combined with the launch of a new website and next generation technology, allows forglobal acquisition of the latest robotic NDT and RVI technology, tailor-made and evolving with an operation’s specific requirements.

Ground-breaking 4.0 Technology: Now available worldwide

Nexxis have long been the go-to provider of cutting-edge robotic solutions to Australian-based operations. With a dedicated team of field and engineering experts, they make embracing advanced solutions as and when they’re needed a viable business model. With the co-current launch of their new website and Technology 4.0, this is now available on a global scale.

Collaboration with partners around the world means that high-end NDT and RVI rental and leasing is available in any location. The intimate knowledge of CEO, Jason de Silva, gained through many years in the oil &gas industry, is at the heart of Nexxis’ flexible, custom-centric approach. This is achieved via access to an exclusive rental fleet that targets the unique needs of any operation. The launch of Nexxis 4.0 technology combines innovation, human ingenuity and advanced prototyping, bringing equipment solutions to industry on a never-before-seen scale.

Advanced Robotic Solutions, As and When They’re Needed

The ever-increasing competitive nature of the mining, oil & gas, petrochemical and nuclear sectors has historically meant that operations failed to take advantage of the latest innovations. The fast-changing interface means operators are hesitant to embrace such technology—there’s little room for expensive experimentation. This is where Nexxis can help businesses achieve their goals. Through global collaboration, their clients benefit from direct, fast access to the very latest equipment and technologies. By leveraging this advantage, operations can unlock their true potential, while still retaining their competitive edge.

Examples include the provision of custom-made solutions necessary for emergency situations, as well as the latest apparatus to streamline the inspection process. Taking a pro-active approach to preventative maintenance through the use of advanced robotics is strategically proven to reduce potentially damaging unplanned repair and upkeep scenarios.

Nexxis is forever pushing boundaries—both in the provision of the latest technological solutions and that of a unique, custom-made planning that allows their customers to benefit from exactly what they need, when they need it. Such diversity is not only cost-effective, but allows operators to successfully target even the most complex of maintenance and emergency requirements.

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