MFE Introduces EBT Screener - identifies elevated body temperatures at business entrances

By: Publisher Team | May 08, 2020 19:31 PM
MFE Introduces EBT Screener - identifies elevated body temperatures at business entrances

Dripping Springs, TEXAS - MFE Enterprises, Inc. is proud to announce the production of new equipment to perform mass thermal screenings for elevated body temperatures in high-traffic, public places.

 “We’re ready to help get people back to work,” Dylan Duke, Vice President of MFE Enterprises, Inc. said. “This equipment is a hands-free solution for businesses to help prevent the spread of viruses by identifying anyone with fever before they enter a location.”

 The MFE EBT Screener is a portable infrared temperature screening system. It conducts a facial scan with the tear ducts as the point of interest for the most accurate representation of internal body temperature. An alarm will notify the operator when a person’s temperature is above the set threshold.

 No thermal cameras can detect or diagnose the coronavirus or other illnesses. MFE EBT Screeners provide quick individual screenings of body temperature as the first step to identifying individuals who may need to be further screened with virus-specific diagnostic tests. The screener comes equipped with a complete thermal analysis software suite with powerful built-in measurement and analysis functions to provide the most accurate result.

MFE EBT Screener is available for purchase through MFE Enterprises and its sister company MFE Rentals. For more information call (844) 867-3686 or visit 

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