Introducing the NEW X6B Phased Array Probe Series

By: Publisher Team | Jun 06, 2020 19:18 PM
Introducing the NEW X6B Phased Array Probe Series

With a similar form factor to the X6A series, this new B-model comes with an irrigation port and has a lower frequency spectrum offering (1 MHz and 0.5 Mhz). Combined with the HYDROGLIDER and its128 mm probe aperture, it is the perfect solution for thick and  highly attenuative materials such as exotic composites.

Even on large components the C-scan covers a wide area quickly, without compromising the mapping resolution.  The primary option with a 1 MHz probe provides the ideal solution, with best measurements over a 50 mm thickness, while the 0.5 MHz model will tackle unusual materials.

Inspection of stainless steels with high chromium and silicon content is also an ideal application.