Introducing - Inspection Probe HS582i

By: Publisher Team | May 07, 2020 18:43 PM
Introducing - Inspection Probe HS582i

Ionix  has launched the new high-temperature ultrasonic thickness gauging transducer, offering reduced inspection time with no duty cycling and robust calibration.        

Built on the award winning HotSense™ ultrasonic platform, and powered by the proprietary HPZ piezo-ceramic, HS582i 5MHz dual element transducer for use across a wide temperature range, operating up to +550 °C (1022 °F). The probe can be used to measure remaining wall thickness from 1 to 500 mm with compliant thickness gauges on in-service assets. The probe requires no duty cycling below 350 °C (662 °F) allowing corrosion surveys without shutdown or isolation, with faster inspection time and better data from easier and more accurate calibration at asset temperature.

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