Introducing High-Resolution & Large Format Detector from Carestream

By: Publisher Team | Jan 21, 2021 14:03 PM
Introducing High-Resolution & Large Format Detector from Carestream

Carestream’s Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) group has expanded their portfolio of market-leading digital radiography (DR) detectors to support a broad range of customer applications. The new HPX-DR 4336’s 100-micron resolution enhances a customer’s ability to detect defects in quality control inspections that meet demanding industry standards. The large format, 43 x 36 panel allows a broader size of parts to be inspected with one shot so customers can carefully examine a greater number of parts in less time. 

The HPX-DR 4336’s high-resolution technology reduces exposure time for higher throughput and enhanced efficiency. “The HPX-DR 4336 was designed specifically for customers with high-resolution and large imaging format needs,” said Marty Graen, Global General Manager, Carestream NDT. “While resolution and size are key, the combination allows customers to optimize their imaging processes for more efficient asset utilization, improved productivity and defect detection they can count on.” 

Carestream NDT computed radiography (CR) and DR products run on all-in-one INDUSTREX Digital Viewing Software, which enables companies to standardize on one software platform for CR and DR applications. Having one software platform for both CR and DR streamlines customers’ inspection processes, reduces training requirements and simplifies software platform maintenance, all of which reduce customer operating expenses.

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