Cost Cutting method for Pump & Valve Manufacturing Industries

By: Vigneshwaran Chandrasekaran | Apr 03, 2020 14:54 PM
Cost Cutting method for Pump & Valve Manufacturing Industries
Materials used for Pumps comes from Foundries which are produced by melting and pouring, during the process various defects shall occur, few of them are as follows
* Cracks
* Blow Holes
* Shrinkages
* Hot tears
* Cold Shut
* Piping
* Laminations
* Laps
* Inclutions
* Segregation and much more..
All the defects cannot be identified by Visually, internal defects and minor surface defects can be identified by involving non destructive testing methods,
which will save us plenty of money by avoiding rejection after procurement, machining, processing and transport.

Few of the non destructive testing methods are as below
* Eddy current Testing
* Ultrasonic Testing
* Acoustic Testing
* Radiography Testing
* Liquid Penetrant Testing
* Magnetic Particle Testing
* Microwave Testing
* Leak Testing and much more...
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